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Marriage is a relation which totally survives on trust and mutual understanding between the couple. But at times even inspire of having the love and respect for each other, the bonding between husband and wife gets spoiled due to some planetary effects in sync to their destiny. You run out of the passion and desire which you used to have for your partner. Not that you don’t love your partner anymore but just that you don’t bear the same level of energy and excitement for your spouse. As a result your sexual life gets affected and an unhealthy sexual life brings boredom and distress in your marital life. Astrology has answers for such problems, even for your sexual lagging. Expert and experienced astrologer Pandit Varma has helped a numerous couples with their marriage problems.

Significance Of Astrology On Your Family Or Marital Life With Your Partner

According to marriage astrology,various marital issues pop up due to Rahu’s effect on the 7th house in the horoscopes of either of the two partners. The solution to such a problem remains with the 4th house which brings peace and happiness between the couples. The 4th house of birth chart in as per Hindu astrology represents the family and personal front of the native. This 4th house needs to be taken care of in order to strengthen the marital relations.

Astrological Solutions For Your Marital Hurdles Especially Sexual Problems

Experienced astrologer Pandit Varma has specialization in marriage astrology and can guide you with useful tips to keep marriage problems or marital issues at bay. He can also help you with your sexual problems by reading your own along with your spouse’s birth charts.

In order to escape the sexual problems marriage astrology specialist Pandit Varma will suggest you with certain rituals that need to be followed during full moon or half-moon periods. Following the rituals will instantly bring back the right energy and health for a good sexual life that will eventually bring back the warmth and excitement in your marital life all over again.

So in case you are suffering from marriage problems, even if that means lack of good sex; do not hesitate to consult renowned astrologer Pandit Varma. Remember, having a healthy sexual life is equally important in a marriage apart from the mutual understanding, trust and respect; to have a blissful life.


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