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Fights between husband and wife are way too common thing to react upon. Couples shout and deride each other in their daily fights. But when these fights go out of control and become incessant, then your marriage goes up for a toss. Talking out the matters help you to a great extent but then there are cases when things go out of your control and you don’t find any easy way to get out of those strenuous situations from your marriage. This might happen to the planetary positions on your and your spouse’s birth charts. Marriage and astrology are interlinked with each other since ages. Especially in India, rather let’s say in the Hindu religion, marriage and astrology have been always going hand in hand. Marriage astrology can help you in coping up the marriage problems.

In case you are facing too much of slip ups in your married life, if you are unable to fix the much required stability in your marital life even after putting your best efforts then it might be a matter of the celestial bodies operating your destiny. Such complexities can be fixed by astrology for marriage.

Best Suited Astrological Solutions For Your Marriage Problems By Famous Astrologer Pandit Varma

Astrologer Varma has specialization in astrology for marriage. With his expertise he will advise you mantras to chant that will eventually ease out all your marriage problems. Most of the couples, who go through a consistent bad phase in marriage, turn to counselling. What they don’t know is the fact that marriage problems solutions in astrology are there for a total respite.

Counselling helps only to a certain level. In case your marital problems are due to the position of the planets in different houses of your birth chart, then mere counselling won’t be helpful. The marriage problems solutions in astrology are the only solutions you should seek for in that case.

Relationship problems pop up due to trust issues, dishonesty, miscommunication, long distance relation, financial crisis, indifference, inability to conceive etc. Apart from providing with marriage counselling astrologer Varma thorough analysis of birth charts of both the partner sis capable of saving marriages.

If the positions of various planets are not in sync with your partners, it becomes difficult to reconcile with each other, and that’s why you need to perform various rituals as mentioned in marriage astrology and bring back the marital bliss in your life.


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