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It’s quite unfortunate that many people in this world are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Both drugs and alcohol has neurotic influences on their consumer which apparently takes them to a dizzy state which they use as an excuse to feel relaxation and be happy. In reality drugs and alcohol only deteriorate the health of its consumer and slowly push them towards death. These days there are many rehabilitation centres which help people to detoxify themselves from such addictions. But at times even the medical treatments do not show much desired results and then you might have to look for astrological remedies for drug addiction or alcohol addiction.

Target Groups Of Drug Addiction And Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction may occur to any person no matter how strong and healthy he or she is, in case the person persistently keeps on consuming alcohol on a daily basis and in large amount. On the other hand, drug addiction primarily starts from the adolescent or teenage years. During this stage of life children are hypersensitive and hyperactive at times due to too much of hormonal changes that happen in their bodies. Controlling them and monitoring them during these sensitive years are quite a difficult task. It is better parents start opening up with their children more often so that they are able to know what kind a company their children are having and reason out their faults in calm manner.

Some kids voluntarily go up to the drug peddlers and get into the trap of drug and alcohols. Such kids are usually very disturbed in their lives. Be it for their studies or parental tension, kids tend to escape the harsh realities of life by seeking the help of drugs or alcohol which act as slow poison on them.

Astrological Remedies For Drug Addiction Or Alcohol Addiction

Parents of such kids should primarily start counselling their kids thoroughly at the home and in easy comfortable ways. If that requires to iron out the differences between the husband-wife relations, they shouldn’t shy away from doing it. But if all such efforts go in vain you may require to consult an astrologer to check if the drug or alcohol addiction of your ward is due to any planetary positions on your horoscope or your child’s horoscope.

At times analyzing the birth charts of the parents and child reveals that the addiction is persistent more because of planetary disturbance than any social cause. So in such cases, only the astrological remedies involving mantras, rituals and pujas will be helpful to detoxify the addict.

Pandit Varma ji is competent and experienced enough to help out such addicts no matter from which age group they come from and what kind of addiction they hold. Call up pandit ji and get the best possible consultancy on this grave issue.


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