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Expert astrologer Pandit Varma has astrological expertise in various spheres of life. Whether it is your health, like a long-time ailment or family relationships and their tensions; whether it is your education or your job or business, pandit ji has unmatchable skills to help you with any problems no matter how complicated they are. Apart from the astrological remedies for various issues, Panditji holds expertise in various important pujas for one’s overall wellbeing. Below are the special pujas which you might be interested to perform for yourself and your family.

Special Pujas for Your Overall Wellbeing

Durga Maa Prayers (Puja

This puja is very much helpful in protecting you from negative energies and uplifting your life both personally and professionally. Durga Maa Prayer (Puja) is usually performed through ten days during the autumn season. It takes care of your overall development and protection from negative energies and thoughts.

Jai Hanuman Prayers(Puja)

Hanuman puja is primarily known as the puja to seek protection and also to get rid of negative influences. In short Jai Hanuman Prayer (Puja) protects you from negative or evil energies and also fights them.

Kali Mata Prayers (Puja)

Like Durga puja,Kali Mata Prayers (Puja) is also known as Shakti puja and as the name suggests, it gives you strength to achieve your goals and also protects you from negative energies or your vices. Pandit ji is skilful enough to do the strict havan of the kali puja with all perfection.

Goddess Lakshmi Puja

As we all know;Lakshmi puja is usually done for wealth and prosperity. Pandit ji has expertise in the Maha Lakshmi puja and its havan or yagna.

Lord Krishna Puja

Krishna puja or Bal Gopal puja is usually performed to get children and their welfare. Mostly childless women or couples go for such pujas.

Lord Ganesha Puja

Lord Ganesha is always addressed at the very begging of every puja and every auspicious event. Pandit Varma ji can help you in performing the eleven days long strict Ganesh Chaturthi puja or Ganesh Pujanfor your overall wellbeing.


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