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Talking about Indian astrologer in USA, the very first name that pops up is Pandit Varma.Pandit Varma is a famous Indian astrologerapart from being an expertspiritual andpsychic healer. He is the best Indian astrologer in USAwho holds specialization in gaining back lost love by reigniting passion between two lovers, and also suggesting astrological solutions to complex issues in bothpersonal and professional lives; which otherwise would have been impossible to solve.

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PANDIT VARMA JI: 100 years of traditional astrologer

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  • Kunal Saxena
    I am thankful to my brother Ajit for introducing me to you. I was under heavy stress in my professional life and did not know what to do and where to go. You calmed me down and asked me to wait for the next 3 months. I should say it turned out to be great after the 3 months. It’s a better life for now.Thank you so much for your help.
    Kunal Saxena
  • Stanley Davis
    Pandit Varma combines his in-depth knowledge of Vedic sciences with his own personal intution to provide remarkable guidance. I highly recommend his work.
    Stanley Davis
  • Camaroon Mardley
    Pandit Varma's insights…reveal a much deeper level of understanding of the power of our concious and unconscious thoughts.
    Camaroon Mardley
  • New Jersey, USA
    I was in a deep mess when I met Pandit Varma. He guided me in the right directions with help of psychic readings and I was able to achieve happiness. I still go to him for solutions related to all spheres of life.
    New Jersey, USA